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The Floating Venice Area Guide

The Floating Venice is a floating resort in The World islands designed by Unica and being developed by the Kleindienst Group.

The resort is likened to a ship in the sense that the whole place floats and is anchored to the sea bed, 4km offshore from Dubai

Valued at 2.5Bn AED (680m USD), The Floating Venice has a capacity of up to 3,000 guests daily, with accommodation, restaurants and recreation split over four decks, one of which is underwater. 

Guests will arrive by boat, seaplane or helicopter to the main Piazza San Marco where they can check-in at the underwater lobby. 

There will be a range of 414 bespoke cabins arranged over the four decks, the underwater deck providing views of the coral reefs below and passing gondola above. 

Guests will be transported to their cabins in gondolas imported from Venice, or they may walk there through canal side paths and bridges.

Boutiques and artisanal shops will bring the Venetian experience to life. 

Traditional festivals such as Carnivale di Venezia, Binnale di Venezia and Festa del Rendentore will take place throughout the year.

The Floating Venice offers an unrivalled experience for guests where they can relax in a number of pools, some of which will have acrylic bases giving amazing views of the coral reefs below. 

There will be unique floating beaches and over 400,000 sq ft of corals will be planted around The Floating Venice from an on-site coral nursery.

A collection of 12 restaurants and bars will offer a variety of entertainment. Three of these will be underwater, giving spectacular views of the marine life. The Floating Venice will also have the world’s first floating underwater spa.

The Floating Venice is constructed from a mixture of concrete for the underwater sections and marine lightweight materials for the upper decks. It will have a guaranteed lifespan of at least 100 years.  

The project was launched on 11 September 2017 and construction is scheduled to begin in Q1 2018 with completion by Q4 2020.

The Floating Venice Masterplan

The Floating Venice Location Map

Companies Associated with The Floating Venice

Kleindienst Group (Developer)

Other projects in Dubai that Kleindienst Group are associated with include The Cote D'Azur Hotel and The Mont Royal Hotel.

Unica (Architects)

Unica is a multidisciplinary office with a specialty in architecture and design, from large scale to furnishings, for corporate, government and private clients across the globe.

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