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About Propsearch is the easiest way to find a property to rent or buy in Dubai. We speed up the search process by filtering out poor quality and spam ads and display only the latest top quality listings from the best agents in the city.

Propsearch for Buyers and Renters

Searching online for a property in Dubai can be overwhelming, especially with thousands of property ads, many of which are poor in quality. At Propsearch our quality assurance team do most of the work before you even get here! If they see a good quality listing they'll bump it up in the search results. If they see a bad one they'll bump it down or reject it entirely.

We then make everything even easier with our unparalleled search features that Dubai has long been in need of. On Propsearch you can now:

  • Search for properties that are close to schools.
  • Search for rentals that accept multiple cheques.
  • Show or hide un-built "off-plan" properties.
  • Search using any currency.
  • Save your favourite properties to a shortlist without opening an account.
  • Easily send your shortlist to a friend or client.
  • Narrow down areas of the city which suit your individual requirements eg 'pet-friendly' or 'quiet'.

We then supplement all property listings with our useful area and building guides so you can get fully clued up about the area or even building that you plan to move to.

Propsearch for the Real Estate Agent

Unlike other property portals we do not auction the search results to the highest bidder. Instead we level the playing field by showing the listings with the highest quality photographs first. This means that brokers and agencies with a higher standard of marketing will automatically gain more exposure over the competition.

About our Homepage Photo

Photo by Jaideep Abraham

This wonderful photo of Emirates Towers in the clouds was taken by Dubai-based photographer Jaideep Abraham. The surreal looking scene was captured from the roof of the World Trade Centre Residence on a January morning. These ground clouds are a typical Dubai weather pattern in the winter months although you have to be up early and in the right place to catch them!

More of Jaideeps's stunning photography can be viewed on his 500px page:

Property Enquiries

All property enquiries should be made directly to the real estate agent that posted the advert. You can find their phone number and email form by clicking the 'Contact Agent' button adjacent to the listing.

All Other Enquiries

Email us at

Propsearch LLC
Al Saaha Offices, Old Town Island
United Arab Emirates
PO BOX 487177

Advertising With Us

If you would like to advertise with us please send a request to join our free introductory trial to Please include your valid RERA office number along with a link or activation code for your company's datafeed. We aim to validate all new applications within 2 working days.

Please note that we only accept listings via automated data feeds such as those provided by popular Real Estate CRM systems like Masterkey, Airlist, Propspace, MyCRM and others.

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